Interview with Yung Raja

I’m sure that no introduction is needed for Singapore’s breakthrough artiste Yung Raja. The Singaporean international found success following the release his remixes of ‘Gucci Gang’ (Poori Gang), ‘Bartier Cardi’ (Pathuko Thambi) and ‘New Freezer’ (More Better).

I had the opportunity to speak and play a quick game of ‘would you rather’ with Yung Raja.

We spoke about who and what inspired him to start rapping, who he would love to collaborate with and when we can expect new music from him.

Watch my full interview with him here:


Whether he admits it or not, it’s a fact that he has drastically changed the hip-hop scene in Singapore alongside his best mate Fariz Jabba and it’s only a matter of time before the duo gets global recognition!

Check out Yung Raja’s debut single ‘Mustafa’:

I’d like to thank Yung Raja for taking time off his busy schedule to have this interview with me.

I’d also like to give a big shoutout to YOUTHx for making this interview possible!

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